Study in Poland: economics, psychology, pedagogy, journalism Study in Poland: economics, psychology, pedagogy, journalism

Study in Poland: economics, psychology, pedagogy, journalism

Published: 23-05-2023

Expire: 31-12-2024

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The Warsaw University of Economics (WUE) offers you full-time and part-time bachelor’s and master’s degree programs as well as postgraduate courses in the fields of: economics, psychology, pedagogy and journalism and social communication.

Bachelor’s degree programs in economics at the Warsaw University of Economics prepare students to work in small, medium and large enterprises, including accounting and financial, human resources, planning and development, investment and innovation departments. Graduates of economics are ready to tackle all the challenges they will encounter in their professional lives. Our offer includes the following majors: Managerial Economics, International Business, International Trade, Hotel and Tourism Economics, HR Management, Business Management, etc.

Integrated master’s degree in psychology will allow you to understand the principles of what makes people think and behave in the way they do, to develop a set of research tools to be used in analyzing people’s thoughts and actions, to learn sensitivity and empathy, and how to help people overcome their problems. Graduates of psychology can get a job in educational institutions, in uniformed services, in HR or marketing departments of private and public institutions, in hospitals and therapeutic facilities.

Study programs in pedagogy are designed for young people who want to work in the education sector in the future. The Warsaw University of Economics offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, integrated master’s degree programs and postgraduate courses, such as Pre-School and Early-School Education, School Mediation, Management in Education, etc.

Bachelor’s degree programs in journalism prepare students to work as journalists or other industry professionals, such as marketing and PR specialists and managers. Students gain extensive knowledge in the field of journalism and social communication as well as practical skills: they learn how to work with a camera and a microphone and how to use radio and TV studio equipment.


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